Terms of Service

Services offered by Bell Wholesale are determined by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as being either Tariff Regulated or Unregulated.

Tariff Regulated services are regulated and approved by the CRTC. For Tariff Regulated services, the Bell General Tariff document contains general terms and conditions. Specific charges, terms and conditions are also found in the specific Tariff applicable to any given service offered by Bell Wholesale. All of these Tariffs are available at http://www.bce.ca/aboutbce/regulatory/tariffs/bellcanada/.

Unless you have otherwise entered into a separate written agreement(s) with Bell (in which case the terms of that agreement(s) govern), the Unregulated Terms of Service (UTOS) defines your rights and obligations as customers using unregulated wholesale services. Please review the UTOS document. Your purchase and use of these Bell services means that you accept the UTOS terms and conditions.

Reseller Obligations: The CRTC has mandated that certain reseller obligations must be included in contracts that Bell signs with resellers of Bell services – whether these are Tariffed or otherwise unregulated.

Call Blocking:  Universal Network-Level Call Blocking (UNCB) will block any incoming or outgoing calls that have calling line identifiers (CLIDs) that do not conform to the rules outlined by the CRTC. For more information, visit bell.ca/callblockingforbusiness.

If you have further questions regarding your services, you can contact the CRTC for more information:

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
1 877 249-2782